Egg & Spoon Theatre Collective is a new theatre company based out of NYC and is the collective voice of the freshest generation of professional theatre artists. By encouraging child-like play, an openness to failure, and non-stop learning, Egg & Spoon is committed to fostering an environment that tests and develops the young theatre maker's process.

As an organization, Egg & Spoon Theatre Collective is devoted to gathering young artists to foster and develop their creative processes. We are not a training program, and we do not charge tuition. We produce complete and thought-provoking seasons, with a focus on quality of process and artistic growth. Our theatrical work is created by young artists, who are taking charge, taking risks, and working through fear of the unknown. 

The cast and production team of THE KILLER (2019)


Egg & Spoon Theatre Collective was born from a handful of theatre graduates desperately looking for an artistic home. After moving to New York City with tons of peers, the last thing we wanted to do was sit around and wait to be told when and where to make theatre. We had no choice but to gather our colleagues together and produce work together. It became simple: get a little money and do some shows. It became part of the fun to provide artistic opportunities to our fellow theatre-makers. We've devoted ourselves to making work that is in turn making us-- our company is helping build the freshest generation of professional theatre artists.



Like an egg and spoon race, we are focused and forward moving, with the energy of child-like play. We're kids, we're learning, and that's the best part about it. We are at the age where we need to take artistic risks, without any overwhelming hesitation, or the fear of failure. We are cultivating a generation of artists just like us, who are desperate to make theatre and develop their own processes. 


For now, we are gaining our legs as a new producing organization in NYC. We are actively involving young performers, directors, designers, stage managers, and producers in putting this whole thing together. Looking ahead, Egg & Spoon wants to consistently invite and develop new work, so that our "fresh generation of  theatre-makers" also includes a generation of writers.