adapted by Leslie Noble
based on the novel by Nancy Kricorian
directed by Adam Coy

Performances Begin: November 14, 2019
Closing Night: November 17, 2019

It is Zabelle Chasbanian’s seventy-fifth or seventy-sixth birthday – no one quite knew for sure. While her descendants gather for a surprise party, memories of life as a refugee during the Armenian Genocide reemerge. With a family struggling to survive amidst an ethnic cleansing, Zabelle serves as a powerful reminder of the gift of stories and the need to keep telling them. 

Based on the novel by Nancy Kricorian, Zabelle’s original production was at Syracuse University in 2015. It was adapted and directed by Leslie Noble, and devised with Sarineh Garapetian, Julián Garnik, Catherine Giddings, and Lindsey Newton.

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Letter: From the Adapter


“I love old suitcases and their powerful resonance of memories, secrets, and journeys. I had an image of the desert pushing its way out of the suitcase. I also wanted Zabelle’s happy memories before the genocide to come out of it. The suitcase became the perfect container of all of Zabelle’s past.”